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There’s so much software out there, how can I make sure we choose the right one?

Considering the outcome you'd like to achieve, or the problem you need to overcome, there is potentially more than one direction you can take with software. That's often the problem. Taking into account business culture, leadership and accountability structure we can help you find the right solution. You may even have the capability in existing tools, but perhaps you aren't taking advantage of it. 

Isn’t there one application that can do everything we need?

If one app claims to fix all your problems then it's lying. Unfortunately there is no such thing. We all have to use multiple bits of kit to cover all bases. Luckily these days, with API's and integration in general, things are looking better than they've ever been in terms of breaking down silos and collaboration between software. As business owners ourselves, we are constantly finding new applications to allow us to grow and achieve more. Passing on that knowledge is what we offer.

We’ve got multiple departments running spreadsheets, some using paper, and others using our old database. Help?!

You're not alone. There can be massive benefits to consolidating processes, and getting staff back to working 'together' again. Think of the efficiency gains alone, not to mention transparency and accountability for the management team. We can show you how modern collaboration can empower your team, and allow you to scale.

I’ve got raw sales figures in laggy reporting, but nothing that shows me what’s really going on in the business day to day. How can I make good decisions?

Decisions are made everyday, with real consequences, based on data that is days, weeks, or even months old. More than that, you need real data that shows you where the work is at, on who's desk, how long has it been there, and what's holding it up so we can get paid? Revenue figures are great, but we can help to surface all the roadblocks that are holding things up along the way. 

So, we have this CRM that was built. But we don’t know how to use it. Can you assist?

The most commonly overlooked, and under-rated way to ensure your business receives a healthy return on investment, and can grow with your CRM is to have a training and support system in place. The thing we love doing the most is handing over a new system to eager (and some not so eager!) users. Whether it's in-person or remote training, you need to help staff understand WHY this new journey is being undertaken, highlighting the benefits to them and allow them to get the most out of it on day one. Following this it's important to invest in good documentation/videos (like an online help center) as it will pay off in spades, as most staff will happily learn at their own pace into the future.

I have an internal team of developers that administers our CRM, but I’m not sure we’re getting the most value out of the arrangement. What do you suggest?

Bums on seats is a good thing, if you feel you're getting fast customizations or problem resolution, and they're keeping up with the fast pace of technology change. We've had success in training internal developers to get more out of your investment, taking highlights from our history of developing 'products' built on Dynamics delivered to multi-sites and product life-cycle management. Alternatively for those that need some more agile muscle, we can be of service if you need a team of specialist developers on hand to drive continuous improvement.


MiiiA is proudly recognised as a Silver Cloud CRM Partner,
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MiiiA Core / Custom

Our tailored solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built for Australian Financial Services to help you better manage your business.


Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 for Business gives you access to Microsoft Office tools & Cloud Solutions so you can work anywhere, anytime.



Native Dynamics CRM email marketing, website tracking, nurture marketing, social discovery, SMS, subscription mgmt, surveys and more.


Microsoft Dynamics
365 / CRM Online

Dynamics CRM helps you analyse trends, redefine sales performance and build efficient processes.


Microsoft SharePoint Online

SharePoint provides a broad set of document management capabilities, integrated directly with your CRM to ensure consistency and compliance.