D365 Checklists

Enhance the usefulness of Dynamics 365 records with multi-function Checklists. Whether you are recording a quick To-Do list, or building templated business processes, Checklists will aid efficiency and make life simple.


Powerful & Flexible...

  • Checklists are a collection of to-do items or steps in a process
  • Users can manage checklist items on the fly, or use templated lists
  • Create beautiful Checklists on any Dynamics 365 entity form
  • Checklist data is held on the record's form so adhere's to Unsaved Changes
  • The User’s name and date/time is recorded when an item is modified


More than Just a Tick...

By ticking the item you can cycle through the following values:

  • Tick = Item Completed
  • Cross = Item is Not Applicable or Cannot be Completed
  • Partial = Item is In-Progress
  • Blank = Item is Uncompleted or Not Started



Hovering over an item you can interact with it:

  • Edit = Edit the item text
  • Sort = Drag'n'Drop to re-sort the items
  • Delete = Remove the item
  • Reset = Items previously Completed can be reset back to Not Started



Powerful features to assist businesses assert compliance & consistency:

  • Setup pre-configured Checklist Templates to set repeatable steps
  • Items can be Locked/Enforced to disallow end-user Edit/Sort/Delete
  • Users can call up Templates on-the-fly
  • Custom Workflow Step included to allow automation via workflow engine


We license our add-ons as simply as possible, that is on a per-instance basis. Your organisations Dynamics 365 instance has a unique OrgID / Name that will control the license. This means a license is required for each instance (Production, Sandbox, Development or Testing etc).

Contact Us for regional pricing or more complex requirements.

# USD$ per Organization
Perpetual License $1,995