D365 Tiles

Make infinitely more useful and tailored dashboards / forms for individuals, teams or departments with D365 Tiles. Encourage user-adoption and exploration!


Powerful & Flexible...

  • Use Tiles in entirely new Dashboards, or add to existing ones

  • Use Tiles on Entity Record forms to add convenient Tile links

  • Tiles can Link To dashboards, views, records, external url’s

  • Provide intuitive Sizes, Icons, Colors, Titles and Tooltips

  • Encourages user-adoption and exploration

  • Clean up long lists of Dashboards by consolidating them



Use native Dynamics 365 records to create/edit your Tiles:

  • Tile Sets are records you create to house a collection of Tiles

  • Tiles are the physical buttons that have size, color, text and links

  • You will be creating many Tile Sets that each have many Tiles within

  • Clicking on a Tile will open a new window (or tab depending on your browser settings)



Each Tile is made up of parameters that you control:

  • Sequence     In what order the Tiles will display on your Tile Set left to right

  • Title               The title that will be displayed

  • Tooltip           The tooltip that will be displayed when hovered over

  • Size                Square, Thin, Wide, Large

  • Color              Color when hovered over (Hex Color picker available)

  • Icon                Link to the Web Resource image for your icon
                           We've included some great icons for you!!

  • Link To            Dashboards, Views, Create Records, Existing Records,
                            External URLs


POWER-USER control...

It's easy for a Power-User to get things up and running:

  • Create a new Tile Set record called “Adviser Tiles

  • Add a few Tiles to the “Adviser Tiles” set using size, color, icon, links etc

  • Drop the TileSet.html Web Resource on a Dashboard or Form specifying a Custom Parameter that links it to the “Adviser Tiles” set

  • Publish All Changes, you’re done!


We license our add-ons as simply as possible, that is on a per-instance basis. Your organisations Dynamics 365 instance has a unique OrgID / Name that will control the license. This means a license is required for each instance (Production, Sandbox, Development or Testing etc).

Contact Us for regional pricing or more complex requirements.

# USD$ per Organization
Perpetual License $2,995