Hiding the ‘Default App’ in D365 App Switcher

If you’re like me and have been loving the new App Designer this little additional option may be of interest to you. For those not sure what I’m on about,

Dynamics 365 Navigation UI/UX

While watching the recent Dynamics 365 July Update Executive Briefing sessions something struck me. I feel like we can do a lot better with User Interface and User Experience.

CRM 2016 Online Service Update 5 – Ribbon Buttons Fix

Service Update 5 for Dynamics CRM 2016 Online causes cached ribbon buttons to not display

Dynamics CRM for Outlook – Shared Calendars

Getting Dynamics CRM for Outlook to play nicely with Shared Calendars can be as simple as unticking a box...

The Activity Roller Coaster

Adviser activity is a roller coaster ride.

What every business would really like is that activity cycle smoothed out a bit. Even if the highs aren't quite so high, at least the lows aren't as low. Breeding consistency into a planner force is no easy task. Especially fighting natural human tendencies that a lot of us have.