The Activity Roller Coaster

Adviser activity can be a roller coaster ride.
But this also applies to any sales-based business.

There's a tendency by many of us to focus on where the "action" is.

You've done the hard yards to book in a few upcoming appointments with potential clients, which as we all know is sometimes like pulling teeth.

With that sometimes unfavourable task out of the way, the foot inevitably starts to ease off the accelerator. Before you know it you're "flat out" tending to the newly acquired work (whatever flavour that may be) . Great! 

Guess what? It probably happened without you even noticing it.

Once that new work comes to a close, you realise you have little on the horizon, as you haven't booked any new appointments for weeks. How did that happen?......... Again!

Welcome to the roller coaster.
The peaks and troughs of the activity cycle.

What every business would really like is that activity cycle smoothed out a bit. Even if the highs aren't quite so high, at least the lows aren't as low. Breeding consistency into a planner force is no easy task. Especially fighting natural human tendencies that a lot of us have.

Try that uphill battle without any good data. But it is achievable.

If you're trying to get a grip on this in any business, be clear and consistent with everyone what you're tracking and why.

Do you know how much front-end activity (X) is required to eventually lead to enough cases (Y) completing, and therefore dollars through the door (Z)?

Have you worked backwards to figure out how many appointments per week each of your advisers should be making? Making them is one thing, attending them is another. And then what about the final outcomes of those meetings?

Having key metrics at each of these stages is paramount. More importantly, communicate them to your team,

Measure it each week. Religiously.

The best practices we've worked with do this, and do it well. It's not rocket science, but persistence and consistency is really they key.

If you don't care about it, they won't care, full stop.

Are you discussing the key metrics at team meetings? Are your goals achievable, or sky high and never going to happen?

When things are not measuring up to expectation, what happens then?

Fact or fiction?

Now you can achieve this low-tech.
On paper, whiteboard or even spreadsheets etc. I've seen it done.

The downside is the effort/time it takes to collate this and accuracy. Often it's late on a Friday afternoon, and someone's rushing around trying to get questionable data out of people.

"Quick, how many appointments did you make this week John?"

and the response...

"Ummmmm.......Five..... yeah definitely Five"

Throw it on a spreadsheet for Monday's morning meeting. Done.

We don't trust that kind of speculation when it comes to our Profit & Loss or Bookkeeping do we?

So what’s the alternative?

There are systems out there that can handle this, and a whole lot more, for your business With real-time reporting so you can see what's going on ANY day of the week. Gone are the days of having to wait until a week later to realise your team had the week off. 

Why not seek one out. You'll never look back.
Unless you like roller coasters that is.