Dynamics CRM for Outlook - Shared Calendars

One feature of the Outlook Client that our customers have used heavily over the years is the ability to Set Regarding appointments on another user's Shared Calendar.

This is particularly useful when a staff member in your business is in charge of Set Regarding another user's appointments. A personal assistant, client relationship role or similar.

Up until recently this was relatively straightforward. Giving one user Editor level permissions on another's calendar was enough to allow this to work.

Time passes, and as CRM 2016 Update 1 (v8.1 or Carina) appeared we started seeing more issues to do with this feature. In particular it was often possible for users to do this still, but not every user could, and often it would not be working for the ones we needed.

The below fix appears to have resolved the problem for most, and I hope it proves useful to someone down the track, despite the fact our old friend the Outlook Client (.COM Add-in) is being deprecated in favour of the new light-weight CRM App for Outlook.

As a side note, at the time of writing this, the new App for Outlook does not support this feature of tracking appointments for Shared Calendars. 

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  • Open Outlook
  • Select File > Account Settings > Account Settings...
  • Select the Primary Email Account and click Change
  • We recommend Use Cached Exchange Mode is enabled
  • Mail to keep offline is recommended to be set to All
  • Select More Settings...
  • Select the Advanced Tab
  • Uncheck Download shared folders option


  • Apply changes, close Outlook and Restart