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Microsoft Dynamics 365 MiiiA solution & Add-ONS

do you need structure around your client interactions & more defined processes?

Would you like to track all client touchpoints and internal work centrally in one spot? Could you benefit from more rigidity in your business processes so every client gets the same best-of-breed service? 

is your client experience impacted by
lack of visibility & accountability?

There's nothing worse than knowing things could have gone smoother for a client if only you'd had better insight into the advice process, or timely delivery of that advice.

do you have multiple staff working in seperate tools with limited connectivity?

It's not uncommon to have up to 10 different line-of-business tools all to "help" you run your business. This can be a nightmare to manage, teach new staff, and is often costly.

would you like help to filter out the “noise” and make the right business decisions?

Everyday decisions, with real consequences, are made with data that is often days, weeks, or even months old. Data is often scattered amongst different tools, departments or people, and it still often requires tedious manual analysis or manipulation.

have more than one office and find it hard to maintain cohesion & consistency?

It's important to hold everyone to a defined set of standards that the business has put in place. It can be hard to manage diverse teams if everyone's talking their own language.


Enhanced Customer Engagement Features

built for Microsoft Dynamics 365


  Manage your Clients


Centralise – Take control of your client data (your asset) and put it all in one spot including all activities, touch-points, marketing and services you're providing.

Segment – Fine tune your data & allow you to grab & report on virtually anything.

Connect – Add connections between any of your clients, as many as you need to help you see exactly how they all relate.

Types – Cater for all client, and non-client types such as Individuals, Companies, SMSF, Trusts etc.

Costs – See how much time your team are spending on each client, and how much that's costing.

Revenue – See how much revenue each client is generating.


  Manage the Advice Process


Organise – Keep all the current client work together in one place, like a manila folder. (including tasks, email, file notes)

Process – Follow the stage-gated advice processes to help you know what comes next (or what came before).

Costs & Revenue – Easily add your fixed costs (paraplanning, travel, misc), time cost and revenue (initial & ongoing).

Profit or Loss? – See how healthy the profit is looking while you work.

Timers – Stage & Micro Timers help keep your client experience within expectations.


  Track work & touchpoints


Appointments – Track meetings in from Outlook, and report on the outcomes for your entire team. No more manual, bulk activity management spreadsheets.

Emails – Track directly from Outlook with the click of a button.

Tasks – One system for task management to ensure your team never misses a thing, along with easy reporting on workload and overdue tasks.

File Notes – Add in key notes from client facing meetings, or anything else required using pre-defined templates to make things quick.

Phone Calls – Track attempts in addition to results, and make sure your team always know who spoke to your client last.

Time Cost – Keep track of the time spent working on activities, which forms part of your cost to serve.


  Enhance efficiency


Document Management – Use the power of Microsoft SharePoint Online to help keep your team's work, and important client documents safe and managed.

Task Trails – A task delivery workflow that can generate bulk tasks based on your design. Deliver tasks all at once, or in a sequence as previous tasks are completed.

Bulk Activities – Need to create a thousand File Notes, Tasks or Phone Calls across your database of clients? Easy. 

File Note Templates –  Setup pre-defined text, for unlimited scenarios, saving you repetitive data entry.



  Work made easy


Revenue Import – Import all your CSV statements, and auto-match to your clients for amazing insights.

Reporting – Why spend time manually tracking key business metrics? As you work, let the system do it for you, all in real time.

Reconciliation – Find out if you got paid what you were expecting. You'd be surprised how often it doesn't happen.

Bulk Mail – Set up templates and save time generating large quantities of letters or documents.


  Protect Your Business


File Notes – Easy to enter, keeping all your client correspondence in one place.

Timers – Make sure Files don't get forgotten, or sit too long, and deliver a good client experience.

Client Reviews – Maintain your scheduled reviews to keep clients on track.

Fee Disclosure Statements – Identify when statements are due, and generate fee summaries with a few clicks.

Opt-In – Keep track of your obligations and generate letters for followup.

  Marketing automation

  Addon by ClickDimensions


Mass Email – Drag'n'drop HTML template creation for easy newsletters or campaigns with all Send, Open, Click and Bounce data reporting.

Website Integration – See who has been looking at pages on your own website, and capture form data they've submitted.

Campaign Automation – Quickly create nurture (drip) campaigns for marketing, sales engagement, new customer on-boarding and retention.

SMS – Send SMS in bulk via workflow.
*Third-party account required.

Subscriptions – Allow clients to opt-in or out of selected types of emails rather than just on/off.

Surveys – Easily create surveys to gather important intel, that is all stored on the client record.

Events – GoToWebinar, WebEx, and Eventbrite bring event, registration and attendee information directly into CRM.

Social Discovery – Find publicly available information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.